Q: How much does it cost to implement the Proven Path Program?

A: We recommend the complete training package for startups. The total cost is varies, but we recommend that your Administrator, Resident Care Director, and Business Office Manager each purchase a Proven Path Manual.  They cost $495 each.  We then strongly encourage the three of you attend our leadership train the trainer class.  It's a five day class but you spread it out...we know how busy you are!  The cost of this class is $2,400.  So, plan to spend a minimum of $3,885.  Having said this, you may want to have us teach your first CMA or PCG class.  We also offer CPR/First Aid Classes.    

Q: Are you a nurse?

A: Yes, I graduated from Emory University and hold a BSN degree. I am licensed RN in Georgia.

Q: How many clients to you have?

A: I have approximately 100 clients that are using my Proven Path Policy and Procedure Manuals.  Currently, I am working with seven of them on a regular basis as their trainer/consultant.

Q: Where were you a surveyor?

A:  Florida. I worked for the State of Florida from 2004 through 2010.  I conducted over 1,000 surveys in Assisted Living Communities, Personal Care Homes, and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Q: Do you provide updates to your Manuals?

A: Yes, all Proven Path clients receive email updates from me if the state modifies a rule. If the state rewrites all their rules, then I publish a new manual. 

Q: If I receive any citations after I complete the training, how exactly do you guarantee your work?

A: We will retrain you.  We want you to operate in compliance.
How do we train our new hires once you have finished the implementation?

A:  Training new hires is essential.  This is why we train the leadership well and ask them to train their own staff with our participation.  While we are always available to train you new hires, there is no reason that your leaders can't to do the same.

Q: How realistic is it to believe that we will be 100% citation free?

A: It is a very realistic expectation. Firstly, you will be using the Proven Path: Policy and Procedure Manual, forms and checklists which are 100% compliant with the state’s rules. Compliance is a question of utilizing the proven path policy and procedures.  Just follow the procedures and you will remain citation free.

Q: If I become a client, can I call you with questions?

A:  Yes, we highly recommend it. We provide on-going support by telephone and email for a nominal monthly fee.

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